A look at the beer industry from the view of two new brewers

In the beer industry, we spend a lot of time studying and researching sales data and market trends in an attempt to see into the future of the craft beer market. Will the market continue to grow indefinitely? Is there a ‘bubble?’ How many craft breweries can the American beer market sustain?

Most columns on these subjects are written from the perspective that the original ‘microbrewers’ (Ken Grossman, Fritz Maytag, Jim Koch, etc.) have the best understanding of where the market is going. But I wondered what the market looks like to a brand new brewery owner who is just starting out, some 40 years into the craft beer ‘movement.’

So to get this perspective, I turned to Andrew Leichthammer, partner and head brewer of Good Measure Brewing in Northfield and Mark Babson, owner and brewer of River Roost Brewing in White River Junction. I asked them, via email, how they saw the beer market, starting first with challenges that are affecting them directly.

You can read my column on the Burlington Free Press website.


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