Beers for the holiday table

Oh, sure – wine is fine with holiday meals. But when the meal is so big that it’s gonna make you sleepy, I’m not sure that drinking red wine all day is going to work out too well. Consider grabbing some of these stunning beers this year to share with your dinner guests during the holiday season.

Below is my official 2016 Thanksgiving pairing guide … but you can apply the same ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, etc., etc…

The time to feast with friends and family is nigh. This year you don’t need to leave your beer behind on the coffee table when the dinner bell rings. It’s time to serve beer at the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving dinner is probably the largest meal that many of us will eat all year and it can be one of the most complex meals in terms of flavors and dishes served. Hours upon hours are dedicated to the preparation of a perfect meal, but it seems that when it comes to picking out the perfect beverages for the dinner table, the energy runs out.

Most sources will tell you to grab a light-bodied Pinot Noir, or one of the more zesty rosés that are still left on wine shop shelves. These pairings are fine for some, but not everyone loves wine. So I’ve put together a beer pairing guide for traditional Thanksgiving dishes to ease your beverage burden. Continue reading…

…Remember, Thanksgiving is a time of need. Please consider donating food or funds to your local food bank to help your entire community have a celebratory meal this year.


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