Spicy @$$ beers!

IMG_0454.jpegBeers and spicy food go together like…well, hot & cold! Pairing hot cuisine with crisp, cooling beer is one thing, but I wanted to see what happens when the beer itself is spicy!

A recent trip out to my garden left me a little disappointed with Vermont’s short growing season. This Florida man keeps forgetting that it’s very difficult to coax jalapeños and habanero plants to produce picante peppers before the days shorten and the nights turn cool in this northern climate.

But luckily, there’s another way for me to get my fix of fiery flavors: spicy beers. As the “extreme beer” movement hit its stride a few years back, plenty of brewers have released hot pepper-infused libations. American brewers have tried everything from the tame-but-tasty Anaheim chili to the potentially dangerous ghost pepper. Continue reading…


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