Craft (re)embraces fizzy yellow beer

It’s been a long time coming, but Stone Brewing Co. will release it’s very own fizzy yellow beer: “Wussie Pilsner.” (This has not been officially announced yet, but it’s on the internet.) The irony here is, of course, that Stone Brewing Co. co-founder Greg Koch has long lambasted light lagers claiming, “fizzy yellow beer is for wussies.”stone_fizzyellowbeer

Now, I’m not here to say “Gotcha!” But rather that I agree with Stone: the time is right. Craft beer drinkers have embraced so-called “heritage” beer brands like PBR, Narragansett, Schlitz, Hamm’s, etc. etc. I’m not entirely sure why, though. Maybe it’s a ripple of the hipster effect. But now matter what the reason is, craft beer drinkers are reaching for fizzy yellow lagers and craft brewers are taking note.

I wrote a column on this subject for the Burlington Free Press and you can link to it below.

Almost since the inception of the craft beer movement, brewers have been waging a war against “fizzy yellow beer.”

This term has been a stand-in for all the mass produced pale lager that craft brewers saw as flavorless; something to be rejected and rebelled against. Some craft brewers have managed to preserve the tradition of brewing classic European lagers, however. Pilsners, helles lagers and Dortmunder Export lagers are brewed quietly in brewpubs and craft breweries around the country, but have been eclipsed by the popularity first of American amber ale and then, more recently, IPA. The snobbiest of craft beer fans have been known for rating perfect examples of traditional lagers as sub-par, saying that they lack the flavor intensity of other styles, effectively equating “craft beer” with “strongly flavored beer.”

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