“Oh, I don’t like wheat beers…”

Justin Gould, barman at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill, expertly pours a La Trappe Witte.

Lot’s of patrons at my bar have said this sentence: “Oh, I don’t like wheat beers.”

I think what’s really going on is a lot of misinformation. There are tons of different styles of beer that are brewed with flaked or malted wheat, so grouping them all under one category doesn’t help anyone.

For the Burlington Free Press, I did an exploration of wheat beers in hopes of helping consumers to better understand their own tastes.

“What I often find is that they do, in fact, like some beers that are brewed with wheat, but there’s a mountain of confusion regarding the wheat beer category. Some don’t like the coriander spiciness of a Belgian-style Witbier, but covet the banana- and clove-like phenols of a German-style Hefeweizen. With such a wide range of sub-styles, there’s a wheat beer out there for everyone.”

You can read the entire column here.


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