A day trip to Dunham, Quebec

My new writing gig with Localvore Today is sending me off to some great places around the region. For the first installment of “Have Beer, Will Travel,” I visited Brasserie Dunham, a short hour and fifteen minute drive from downtown Burlington, VT. I highly recommend checking these folks out!

If you can’t wait to make the trip, my former employer The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is hosting a Brasserie Dunham tap-takeover on Wednesday, Feb. 17th.


“If you’re like me, when you plan beer tourism trips, you probably think about places within 100 miles of your home, or your home-base if you’re already out on the road. Living in northern Vermont means that Montréal is always on my radar, and the city has plenty of great breweries and beer bars. Branching out a bit into other parts of our shared border with Quebec, I’ve discovered a few towns worth adding to your “must-go” list. Perhaps the easiest to get to is the sleepy town of Dunham and its eponymous brewery.”

Continue reading on The Daily Beet blog


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