Evil and story telling

With so much evil in the world, so much death, torture, inequality and hate, I’m not surprised by how many young minds would rather pick up a bomb than a pen. It seems so hopeless, the fight against evil, one might think a blast would be the most effective way to clear some space to breathe for you and yours. But death begets death and evil escapes unscathed.

Drones and bunker busters will never root out evil. People will die, but not be forgotten and their work will not end when their blood dries. Others will be polarized, taking up more bombs and guns. Killing people to end violence only polarizes more people in a philosophical ripple effect.

The pen. Write your story. Write your values, your experience, your life. Share share share. Tell everyone.

Tell more.

And then maybe we can all find some common ground. When you feel the walls start to rise up, stop for a moment to see what evil these walls might entrench.


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