The beginning

After months of procrastinating, I’ve finally set up a blog.  This will be a place for me to explore the philosophy of culture as I see it.  I plan to cover topics on sociology, food & drink, government activity, philosophy of mind and neuroscience, philosophy and use of the English language and the like.  I will post links to my writing that appears elsewhere as well as extended or unedited versions of my columns.

In addition to this blog, I’ve also opened a Twitter account.  Please follow me @aPhilosophyof

A little bit about me and my qualifications for writing on these subjects:
– B.A. in Philosophy from Saint Micheal’s College, English minor and a ‘concentration’ in Psychology
– Attended 1 year of graduate-level Philosophy courses at Boston College
– Certificates in wine from the Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center at Boston University (Level 2), the International Sommelier Guild (Level 2), Wine Location Specialist for Port & Champagne from the Center for Wine Origins
– Certified Beer Server (Level 1) from the Cicerone Certification Program
– Beer Columnist for the Burlington Free Press “Savorvore” Section every other Friday
– 8 years experience in the Beverage Industry as a beer buyer, wine buyer, bartender and bar manager
– An interest in marketing practices, plus experience in social media marketing

For now, that’ll have to do it.  Hope to start posting soon.

Oh, and all opinions are my own, unless otherwise noted.


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